Additional client comments

Yiting W

Very professional and caring. I had a very severe neck sore, can’t even move a little. Dr. Feng fix it within half an hour. Then I can move my neck and lie down. About two days later, I can completely behave normally!

Tracy L

Bi is the best doctor I have ever seen. Her professionalism and sense of responsibility to her patients is impressive. She did a great job. After receiving acupuncture from her. I slept like a baby for the first time in years. I am lucky to know her. 

Justina P

Bi is a very talented doctor! She has a deep understanding of oriental medicine. After getting treated by Bi. I feel 100 times better. She really knows how to diagnose what is wrong with you and her treatments are so effective which goes to show you how skilled she is. If you can, get treated by Bi, you won’t regret it!

Tom S.

Very professional & effective medical care providers in Chinese medicine, brand new modern facility with a variety of therapeutic solutions including herbal remedies from Hong Kong. I am glad I was open minded and gave this place a chance, looking forward to using them again as needed.

Eric B.

Great results in the past with Dr Gary Xie and this time even better. I've gone to a urologist for an enlarged prostate a couple of times with not the greatest results . My first visit he prescribed Alfuzosin once a day . I was feeling better for a short time than things started getting worse. On the 2nd visit I was told to double up on my meds and make another appt in a few weeks .Instead I went to see Dr Gary in hopes of finding some relief . So far with 4 acupuncture treatment's a herbal tea and a Chinese herb I'm feeling fantastic ! I had been getting up 3-4 x's a nite and going was hard and very painful. I now sleep thru the nite and the pain associated with going is all but gone. This is a brand new beautiful office with a terrific staff and my favorite Doctor...Gary Xie

Jerry Z.

My experience with Dr. Gary Xie made me a true believer in the healing power of acupuncture. Dr. Gary Xie is a highly trained practitioner with exceptional diagnosis and treatment application skills, and believes first is to care for the person. He is simply the best healer around.

I have high eye pressure issue because of accident 9 years ago, and have seen other doctors for many years. Unfortunately the eye pressure is still not stable even with daily eye drops. I have been going to Dr. Gary Xie's clinic regularly for treatments for about one month now. With acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine by Dr. Xie, my eyes are feeling better and better. It is amazing!

Clinic office staff is also very friendly and professional. At the waiting room, the staff even offered me hot tea when I was waiting.

deserve 5 stars!

Sally A.

Dr Gary Xie is just amazing acupuncturist. He can help with any health problems. He has always answered my questions and taken good care of my whole family. Dr. Gary Xie the most caring, passionate, detail oriented, insightful doctor. Truly - a blessing to all who are seeking medical care. Their herbs do not have side effects like western medicine. Thank you Dr. Gary and I like this new Schaumburg location very specious and bright.

Edward H.

Dr. Gary Xie is the best! He is the whole package. Wonderful man. Many years of training in China. My wife and I have been going to Dr. Xie for the past few years and have had many positive results. Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine is thousands of years old, and it has been proven to work. Western Medicine has its place, but is blind to things that work, because they have not found a way to measure it. Chinese Medicine is much more about wellness, than disease and prescription drugs with side effects. Thank you for proving an alternative.